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Returns, Exchanges

Free 30-day return policy

You can return or exchange your order within 30 days after receiving it. Returns and exchanges are fast and uncomplicated. In each packet there will be a return form, on which the return and exchange process will be described. Please include the completed return form when you send your order back. Please include the completed return form in your package when you send your order back. The cost of returning your order will be covered by HAIX. If you return your order without an exchange, we will transfer the money back to your bank account within a week.

Exchange: Desired exchange products can be ordered directly on the return form.

Excluded from return / exchange are: Worn or dirty shoes.

Warranty, Repair


For our products, the statutory warranty applies for 24 months on material and workmanship defects. Excluded from this warranty are parts which are subject to natural wear, e.g. outsoles. Also excluded are damages and defects that arise in the context of its protective function. For damages that have occurred due to improper care and incorrect stress, we can´t assume any responsibility. We can repair such damage at a price.


We offer the following repair services:

- Replacement of shoelace (We only use NOMEX shoelaces for laced firefighter boots)

- Replacement of soles, sole edges and rubber toe cap

- Renewal of hooks and loops

- Seam repairs

Please fill out the repair form and put it in the package.

To dispel misunderstandings, attach the proof of purchase in case of a warranty claim. Please note that complaints should be sent in pairs. 

Please understand that we only accept brush pure shoes for repair. Dirty shoes will be returned unrepaired and unfree.

Orthopedics, customization

The ideal combination of HAIX footwear and orthopedic adjustments

According to the rule of the trade association BGR 191 "Use of foot and knee protection" of January 2007 orthopedic changes certified safety shoes must be checked for standard conformity.

The company HAIX has developed together with the company Springer an orthopedic inserts system, which is tuned to a great part of the HAIX product range and can be customized according to the requirements of the carrier. This type-tested insert fulfills the directive BGR 191 or GUV-R 191.

In order to make sure that your HAIX shoes are still with standards even after orthopedic adjustments (insoles and/or shoe increase), the insole type may only be: COMFORT.AS from the company Springer. Just get information at your orthopedic specialist about it.

Every orthopedic specialist can source the insoles directly from the company Springer.
There he also receives information about the exact procedure and the associated costs. The shoemaker will then edit the insoles he got from Springer and adapts them to the particular foot.

Download Product Overview HAIX CO-Systemoperating conditions

Care, Tips

Functional socks - the perfect complement

By using function socks comfort can be increased considerably. These socks remove occurring foot moisture quickly further to the lining material. Use the socks that you will wear later during the fitting.

The correct shoe size?

Lace the shoes tightly. Walk around a little bit. To try them on while sitting is not enough, as the foot stretches under pressure. Make sure you have enough free space for your toes. In no case should your toes touch the front.

Proper cleaning and drying

Simply wash the contaminated shoes with water and a brush. Do not “quick dry” your wet shoes on an open fire, the hot oven or on the heater. This would change the shape of the shoe. Remove the insole and stuff the shoes with newspaper or use a shoe tree. Then let the shoes air dry slowly. We recommend washing the insole regularly at 30 °. The insoles should be removed after each use of the shoes in order to accelerate drying.

Care with waterproofing spray and shoe polish

For all leathers you should use the recommended HAIX (or commercial, non-greasy) shoe care and impregnation. Do not use leather fat or leather oil. Textile materials are best cared for with a waterproofing spray. Waterproofing sprays alone will dry the leather out too much. Without care with shoe polish the leather can become cracked and hard.

Also squeaks (as can occur with hydrophobic leather) can be rectified by applying lotion in the fold region area of the tongue.

Also metal parts (rings, hooks, etc.) get an additional oxidation protection by applying lotion.

HAIX shoes with Sun Reflect-System

Sun Reflect reduces the heating effect of the upper leather in direct sunlight. Sunlight gets reflected from the leather, so that less heat is conducted to the foot. To obtain the optimum performance, we recommend colorless care products or treatments for SUN REFLECT leather from HAIX.

Special considerations for protective footwear!

You can see the valid form for the specific shoe on the imprint on the shaft. Pay attention to good fit and appropriate use of the closure elements. If necessary consult your dealer. Observe the care instructions and check the shoes for any obvious damage before wearing them. Store the shoes in a dry place, preferably in the box. An expiration date can understandably not be specified. It especially depends on the degree of wear and on operating conditions. The shoes are marked with: Manufacturer (HAIX®), applicable standard, category, shoe size, month of manufacture and year, manufacturer's type designation.

Explanation of safety signs


Identification of categories of safety shoes EN ISO 20345

SB: Basic requirements according to the norm (i. e. toe cap)

S2: Toe Cap + Waterproof

S3: Toe Cap + Waterproof + Penetration resistance + Outsole

S1P: Toe Cap + Penetration resistance

HI: Heat isolation of sole complex

CI: Cold isolation of sole complex

WR: Water resistance of shoes

WRU: Water penetration and absorption of the upper shoe

HRO: Behavior of outsole against contact heat

Identification of categories of safety shoes EN ISO 20345

O2: Closed heel area, antistatic, energy absorption in the heel area, request to water penetration and water absorption

FO: Fuel resistance of the outsole

Classification of footwear for firefighters according to CE 0197 EN15090

Code 1:

Shoes made of leather or other materials, with the exception of solid or total polymer shoes

Code 2:

Full rubber shoes or total polymer Shoes

Types of footwear for firefighters according to EN 15090

Type 1: Suitable for general technical assistance (e.g. Type 1, HI1) and firefighters exclusively outdoors (e.g. Type 1 HI2; Type 1 HI3)

Type 2: Heavy basic protection design, suitable for interior attack and other fires of all kinds; Standard firefighter boots (e.g. Type 2 HI2; Type 2 HI3)

Type 3: Special protection version, suitable for use in exceptional risks, such as hazardous material inserts; also suitable for all kinds of fire fighting (e.g. Type 3 HI2; Type 3 HI3)

The indication of the type and the protective function of the shoes for fire service is in the lower right corner of the pictogram (fireman), e.g.: F2A, where

F Complies with all normative requirements

2Type 2

A Compliance with the antistatic requirements

Meaning of marking symbols

HI1: Level of heat insulation of the soles at 150 ° C / 30 min.

HI3: Level of heat insulation of the soles at 250 ° C / 40 min.


Lacing guide: unique customization of lacing / zipper-system

Lacing guide: new laces for FIRE FLASH PRO

Lacing guide: new laces for FIRE HERO, FIRE EAGLE

Lacing guide: new laces for FIRE FLASH, FIRE FLASH GAMMA

Lacing guide: new laces for SPECIAL FIGHTER

Lacing guide: new laces for AIRPOWER X1, AIRPOWER XR1

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Gifts, Gift Certificates

You can easily enter the coupon codes during the check-out process in the proposed bar.

The amount is automatically deducted from the total bill.

Please note the following:

  • Vouchers can only be redeemed in the online shop.

  • Vouchers can only be redeemed prior to the conclusion of the ordering process. Subsequent crediting is not possible.

  • Vouchers are only one-time usable and expire after completion of the order.

  • Please note the minimum order value, which is mentioned on the coupon.

Send gifts

You can also send HAIX goods directly to the recipient. Just put the check in "The delivery address differs from the billing address" and enter the delivery address of the recipient. The invoice will be sent by e-mail and the goods will be sent to the address specified by you. The "thank you" from the recipient you will hopefully then get personally. The invoice is not in the package.